Liminal Heart

Wandering beneath the sun’s moon and it’s midnight
My heart sinks with your memory even though you’re still here
I loved you once and I loved you twice, but I can’t love you now
We’ve grown apart and you’ve come back again

You’re alive and I’m rotting slowly
You drain me without being near
I can’t make my heart stop beating for you
And your love bombs keep dropping at my doorstep

I’m alone now by the trees in the dark
And I see shadows in the wake of my footsteps
I love them more than I love myself
I love them as much as I love you

And you bring with you the shadows of doubt
You repeat words I know all too well
You bring me back down to earth
And I remember I am dirt

Kissing you is like drinking poison
So I stopped and left a liminal space between us
And I do well and it’s fine
And then I hear your voice again and I feel like I’m dying

©2021 Shane Blackheart


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